Fountain Park Chautauqua, located in serene, rural Indiana, has functioned continuously since 1895, preserving a historical part of our American heritage and keeping family values strong. At Fountain Park, the generation gap is bridged by the fostering of love and respect for all ages. The strong bonds of lasting friendships and family ties are evidence of the great appreciation held for Fountain Park. When parents return, bringing their children to enjoy the pleasures they have experienced or the families that have been returning for five or six generations back, one can then understand the love and appreciation felt for Fountain Park. It is a place for children, especially, to experience play how it was generations ago: unstructured, unscheduled, all inclusive, self-organized and self-motivated. It is a truly special place.

Fountain Park Chautauqua

American Heritage and Family Values since 1895


Fountain Park is scheduled to be held as planned. Any cancellations will be posted in this space.

An overview of Park admission as well as options for dining during your visit.

Staying at Fountain Park is a truly  unique experience.  Our hotel and campgrounds are one of a kind. 

The emphasis at Fountain Park is spending time with community and family. The traditional, friendly events at Park build fellowship among its members. Sports, art, crafts, bonfires and other activities will interest all ages.

Are you in the mood for live entertainment under the shade of the tall trees and fresh air of Fountain Park? We are a traditional Chautauqua and offer musical, educational, cultural and spiritual programs for patrons.

Fountain Park Chautauqua cannot be explained to those who have never experienced it. However, to start, if you are not familiar with the history of the Chautauqua movement or the history of our own Fountain Park Chautauqua, please click below.

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The Fountain Park Chautauqua Society is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization TIN 35-6044798

6244 W 1600 S., Remington, IN 47977

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