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Rules and Regulations

  1. **Bicycles are not permitted on grounds after 8:00 p.m. program begins**.

  2. Bicycles are not to be ridden through any buildings. Do not leave bicycles on the ground.

  3. Pets are not permitted in the tabernacle or inside circle at any time. Pets must be on leash when outside owner’s cottage or camper. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up behind pets. Pets should not be left unattended and barking in cottages or campers.

  4. No alcoholic beverages permitted on the park grounds.

  5. All occupants of cottages, hotel, campers, and anyone entering the grounds during Chautauqua are required to purchase a season ticket or pay the daily admission fee.

  6. Only ticket holders 18 and over of the current session are entitled to vote at the Annual Meeting. Patrons must bring season ticket to meeting in order to vote.

  7. Observe one-way traffic sign and drive 5 mph.

  8. For safety reasons cars are not permitted inside the circle except for large and commercial delivery to the food stand. Do not drive car to auction for delivery or pick-up of items.

  9. Mopeds, motorcycles, ATVs, electric scooters, and dirt bikes are not permitted in the park. (See Rule #25 for golf carts.)

  10. All cottage owner ground rent and RV park rent is to be paid to park treasurer before the beginning of the park session.

  11. A monetary donation for use of park facilities, water, and electricity is appreciated each time you use your cottage or camper at any time during the year other than during the Chautauqua session. A donation of $10 per night is appreciated.

  12. No playing on the hotel porch, in the tabernacle, or on the stage.

  13. Quiet hours begin at 11:00 p.m. for all adults and children.

  14. Parents and Grandparents – you are responsible for your children’s actions.

  15. Tents in primitive area only except with registered RV.

  16. Campfires in fire rings only.

  17. No air conditioner units to be used.

  18. The park water and electrical system will be turned on May 1st through September.

  19. Outside shutoffs on all cottages are required for both water and electricity.

  20. Removal of leaves and neatness around each cottage is the responsibility of cottage owners to protect against fire. The burn pile is to be used for brush and leaves only, not cottage or camper trash.

  21. Keep the grounds, tabernacle, and other buildings clean by placing all litter in trash cans provided. 

  22. All garbage should be wrapped or bagged and placed in the dumpsters located along the road around the park. A recycling center can be found behind the hotel. Materials that may be recycled are: cardboard, aluminum, newspaper, glass, plastic water/pop bottles. We ask that everyone recycle as much as they can. Thank you!

  23. Additionally, there are barrels throughout the park specifically for the plastic water/pop bottles. PLEASE DO NOT PUT TRASH IN THE RECYCLING BARRELS.

  24. Disconnect all electrical appliances and shut off water when you close your cottage for the season.

  25. Use of non-seasonal campground sites is limited to registered Chautauqua campers. Maximum stay 3 nights and 4 days. Contact campground director before parking camper. A donation of $10 per day is appreciated.

  26. All golf carts must be registered at the gate. Only licensed drivers may operate the golf carts. Golf carts are only to be used to transport individuals between campers/cottages and scheduled park events.

  27. Smoke alarms and fire extinguishers are required in each camper and all cottages (one for each level).

  28. No fireworks.

  29.  No drones or RC vehicles. 

Golf Cart Rules

  1. As used in this rule “golf cart” means any conveyance that is motor driven, and is used to carry passengers that are in need of assistance in getting around the park, that is smaller than normal road type vehicles such as cars or trucks. All carts must be two-wheel drive, and have a maximum attainable speed of 15 miles per hour.

  2. The definition of “golf cart” in subsection (a) does not apply to motorcycles, motor scooters, mopeds, motorized bicycles, go carts, or three-wheel or four-wheel off-road type ATVs that are not allowed in the Park.

  3. All users of golf carts shall make application for the use of such vehicles within the park. Application for golf carts may be made through the Fountain Park Chautauqua Board. Three Board Members shall determine the validity of such application and either approve or disapprove the application. Upon approval, applicant will be issued two permits per vehicle. The permits will be placed on each side of the vehicle. The board of directors shall determine from time to time the amount of fee to be charged for such permits and will limit the number of permits each year.

  4. All carts must display 3” cottage or camper space numbers, in the center of each side of the cart, and must have an orange flag at least six (6) feet above the road surface. Operation of golf carts is limited to daylight hours unless cart is equipped with lights and operators must be 16 years of age or older.

  5. A list of all currently approved motorized carts shall be maintained at the Front Gate.

  6. Any cart being used in any way that could be considered reckless or in violation of any of the above rules is subject to loss of permit and use on Park Grounds. No refunds for permits will be given.

  7. Any cart not displaying permit will not be allowed inside the Park

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