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Fountain Park Chautauqua is a place where kids and teens can enjoy unstructured play with, not just peers, but all age groups. Importantly, it is not a "summer camp" experience. Participants of all ages are free to organize and set up their own play. While engaging, scheduled, non-compulsory activities are offered, play here is mostly self-motivated. Children can be found freely climbing trees, playing in sandboxes, catching lightening bugs, or striking up rousing games of baseball or Capture the Flag all in the safe, fun, natural environment of Fountain Park.

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The Case for an Unstructured Summer

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How Can We Restore Children’s Independent Outdoor Play?

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The Decline of Unstructured Play

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Bringing Back the Unscheduled Summer Builds Empathy in Kids

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Restoring Children’s Play: Creating Places for Social Play

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